Looking to cook a whole bunch of hot dogs all at once?

Holding up to 200 hot dogs and 42 buns, the 8020 Paragon Dog Hut Hot Dog Steamer is a great feature for any event.

The best part?

These hot dog steamers are incredibly easy to use! Here’s how it’s done:

Hot Dog Machine Overview

Before we get started, we’ll draw your attention to a few of the machine’s features:

Starting from the left of the machine’s interface, you will notice a small “Low Water Indication Light.” This small LED will illuminate if the machine detects that the water used for steaming is too low and needs replenishing (up to 3 liters of water).

To the right of this light is the power switch, heat control, and, on the right-facing side of the machine is the water valve, which is used to drain the water tray.

Lastly, please note that there may be condensation, drops of water, and pooling around the Dog Hut and the service on which it is placed, so please use caution where you choose to cook the dogs!

Filling the Water Tray

To fill the water tray, you will first need to remove the hot dog hut doors and dividers.

With the water tray unobstructed by these components, you may then fill it with up to 7 liters of water.

Hot tip: Use warm, distilled water. The warmth will help cook the hot dogs faster, while the distilled water can ensure cleanliness.

Turning the Machine On

Now, plug in the machine and flip the power switch to it’s “On” position. Then, you’re going to turn the heat control to the “HIGH” position.

At this point, you may insert the dividers and the hot dog hut doors.

After a few minutes, the machine should start producing steam.

Steaming Your Hot Dogs

Now, the event we’ve all been waiting for: Cooking the hot dogs!

Add two layers of hotdogs into each compartment—one in the front, and one in the back.

You can place up to 45 hot dogs to start, but more can be added in when the unit is fully heated.

Just make sure to arrange the hot dogs loosely to allow the steam to circulate freely between each of them.

All meats should have an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 C) before serving. From a cold start, this should take about 30 to 45 minutes.

If you’re cooking multiple batches of hot dogs, the water may get greasy and may need to get changed frequently. To replenish your water:

  • Turn the water valve to drain greasy water.
  • Add more water into the water tray as needed.

Once all the hot dogs have reached a serving temperature, turn the thermostat down to between 160 to 10 degrees F (71-77 C) to keep them warm.

Hot tip: Use the divider to separate hot dogs and other kinds of meats (smokies, bratwursts, sausages) into their own compartments.

Steaming the Buns

To steam your buns, simply place them in the top bun compartment as needed.

You will only want to leave the buns in there for a minute or so. Otherwise, they might get soggy or overcooked.

When removing the hot dogs and the buns, you should use tongs as the contents will be hot!

Cleaning the Machine

The machine should be clean upon returning it to us. The first thing you need to do is to turn the machine off and unplug it to avoid any electrical shock.

One last time, empty the water pan entirely using the water valve.

Then, carefully remove the bun trays, hot dog trays, and dividers. Wash all these components, the two rails that support the bun trays, and hood as necessary with mild soap and water.

The stainless steel body of the steamer is easy to keep clean. Usually a damp cloth will remove all dirt and grease spots. Just keep in mind abrasives must not be used on the stainless steel body or vinyl labels. A gentle cleaning with soap and water will work just fine!

Lastly, clean the base of the unit with a damp cloth and dry. Use care to avoid damaging the float switch.

And that’s it!

It goes without saying, but do not use the unit if it is damaged or has a broken cord. Additionally, don’t allow the machine to fall in a water container or any foreign objects to enter the ventilation or exhaust opening, as these circumstances. may cause safety hazards.

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