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Planning an outdoor event?

In and around Edmonton, tent rentals are a necessity.

In addition to providing shelter from unpredictable Alberta weather, party tent rentals can be transformed into attractive venues for weddings, festivals, indoor tradeshows, and other special events with walls, backdrops, lighting, and décor packages.

Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what size and type of tent rentals are best suited to your party, wedding, or special event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many factors affect the tent size for any event. For example, a head table, stage, bar area, buffet line, gift tables, or dance floor require additional space. We would be happy to assist you with choosing a tent size.

Northern Alberta can experience extremely volatile weather patterns throughout the summer months. Therefore, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, the tent must be anchored with stakes. The preferred method of anchoring is to attach the tent to the ground with large metal stakes. In some cases, we can secure the tent to permanent fixtures.

Yes, you can. We can drill holes and stake into concrete and asphalt.

Yes—this is extremely important.

All underground lines must be located before the installation of the tent. All tents must be adequately anchored, which involves driving 24″ to 42″ stakes into the ground. These stakes could inflict costly and hazardous damage on underground utilities.

We require that you contact Utility Safety Partners approximately 30 days before your event. They can be reached at 1-800-242-3447 or utilitysafety.ca. They will come out and locate the buried utilities at no charge. However, Utility Safety Partners only locates Primary utilities, including gas, electrical, water, and communication lines. They do not locate any secondary lines or utilities installed after the initial major services were put into place, such as septic fields, underground sprinkler systems, and irrigation lines. We can recommend a private line locater if required.

The type of tent you rent will determine how much additional space is required. A frame tent requires an additional 5′ around the perimeter. If you are renting a 20’ x 20’ frame tent, you should allow yourself a 30’ x 30’ area free of obstructions. If you are interested in a pole tent, we suggest you leave a minimum of 8’ to 10’ around the perimeter. For example, if you plan to rent a 40’ x 60’ tent, we suggest a clear, level area, approximately 60’ x 80’. These additional allowances are strictly guidelines. If your space is smaller, feel free to call the office to arrange a site visit.

If the ground has a significant slope, setting up a tent is probably not feasible. However, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable sitting at a table for a meal.

If you are unsure, take a chair out to the area, move it around to all the various spots, and try it out. If you feel comfortable in all the areas, it is possible to have a tent erected. If you have any doubts, it may be a good idea to have one of our staff members come out to do a site check.

Setting up tents on decks is something we occasionally do, but we like to do a site visit before to ensure that the tent will fit and that there are no surprises when our installation staff arrives with the tent.

Look over the available sizes in the Frame Tent section. If you feel one of them may work for your event, please contact the office to arrange a site visit.

Our policy is that only our trained staff set up pole tents and frame tents.

If the space where you plan to set up the tent is large, flat, and appears to be clear of any obstructions, a site visit is probably not required. It is always good to pace off or measure the area to have a basic idea of its dimensions. Suppose the space is irregular or has obstacles (I.e., overhead lines, decks, gardens, trees, etc.) in the way. In that case, a site visit is recommended.

Yes, we do. We have Easy-Up Canopies and All-Purpose Canopies (APCs), and they are extremely popular. They are easy to set up, take down, and transport; however, they must be set up on grass or loose gravel. In most cases, two or three people can install an APC within an hour. These tents are available with or without walls. APCs are available for pickup and return.

The manufacturer suggests a minimum of 5’ around the perimeter to allow sufficient space for staking. We do not offer site visits for All-Purpose Canopy rentals.

Once you have decided that you will require our services, it is best to book right away. At the time of booking, we require four things: A 50% deposit, the signed rental agreement, tent waiver form, and a valid credit card number on file.

Please note that the person that provides the credit card number must be the same person who signs the rental agreement. Once we have received these items, your order will be confirmed. Any changes you make to the order will adjust the balance owing. The deposit amount will remain the same.

It is difficult for us to say whether a permit will be required for your specific tent event. As all districts and municipalities have different rules, it is always best to check with the governing body in your area to see if a permit will be required. Please keep in mind that the Building and Development Branch, the Liquor Board, and Fire Department in your area may also need to be made aware of your event.

It was a pleasure to work with you. Your service was outstanding, and you looked after all my needs and concerns quickly and very efficiently. Thank you, I look forward to working with you on future events!
Autism Speaks Canada
The tent looked great, and we appreciate all the blood, sweat, and lack of sleep that went into setting it up.
Misericordia Hospital
I just want to thank you so much for all your help and patience! This wouldn't have been as smooth if it wasn't for all your gracious help.
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