As Edmonton’s party planning experts, we understand that events require attention to detail, and selecting the right sized linens can make all the difference.

At River City Events, we know the importance of choosing the perfect setup, and offer a diverse selection of tables and linens rentals to suit any occasion. We carry over 2 dozen types of tables, and 10 different sizes of linens.

This blog article will focus on our 5 most popular linens sizes and how they combine with our primary table sizes: 6ft and 8ft rectangle tables, as well as 5ft and 6ft round tables.

Tablecloths for 6 Foot Rectangular Tables

Our 6ft rectangle tables are a versatile option for intimate dinners, cocktail parties, buffet and display tables. These tables can sit 6-8 guests comfortably, and we offer a variety of linens to match.

For a polished appearance, the 90”x132” linen offers complete coverage. Additionally, we have other options available such as the 60”x120”, 90”x156”, and 120” round linens that cater to your event’s distinctive style and budget.

When considering outdoor events or buffet tables, opt for the 60”x120” linens as they do not touch the ground. The linen drapes approximately halfway down the front and back of the table with a few inches of overhang on each end.

Our 90”x156” linen provides full coverage in the font and back of the table. However, there is quite a large amount of fabric draping on either end.

This can easily be fixed by tucking the extra fabric under the table. Clients normally book this size of linen in our variety of overlays for wedding party tables.

The 120” RND linens prove useful for wedding party and sweetheart tables, with a slight overhang at the front and back that can be tucked. A few inches of linen hangs above the ground on either end of the table.

Tablecloths for 8ft Rectangle Tables

For larger events that require more seating, our 8ft rectangle tables are a popular choice. These tables can seat up to 10 guests, but we recommend only seating 8 for optimal comfort. This is the most commonly used rectangle table amongst banquet halls and venues, so we have an extensive collection of linens for this table size.

Our 90”x156” linen offers full coverage with minimal overhang, creating a clean and sophisticated look. However, our 90”x132” and 132” round linens may also be used on this table size.

The 90”x132” linen delivers complete coverage in both the front and back of the table, but only extends halfway down the ends of the table.

A significant amount of overhang in the front and back of the table is present when draping the 132” RND linen over a 8 ft table; however, it can be tucked away. The linen extends approximately ¾ of the way down the ends of the table.

Tablecloths for 5ft Round Tables

Venues commonly choose our 5ft RND tables that can comfortably seat 8 guests, and a 120” RND linen is the perfect fit for this table. Our vast collection of 120” RND linens ensures you will find the perfect fit to complement your event’s style. It’s worth noting that using a larger size may make it challenging to maintain a fold under the table.

Tablecloths for 6ft Round Tables

A 6ft RND is less popular; however, it can fit the greatest number of guests (10) comfortably. If this is something you are looking for, our 132” RND linen will fit this table the best.

Conversely, we hold a limited number of linens in this size. If you are unable to find something that works for your event, we recommend using a 120” RND linen. It leaves a couple inches of space above the ground surrounding the perimeter of the table.

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It’s worth noting that while finding a linen that perfectly fits a table is ideal, there is no wrong way to drape a table. We are always happy to work with our clients to find the perfect tables and linens to suit their needs.

At River City Events, we are committed to providing high-quality tables and linens to make your event a success.

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