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Edmonton Elks Ticket Contest Terms & Conditions

Eligibility: This promotion is open to all clients of River City Events who have completed a transaction with us. Employees of River City Events and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

Promotion Period: The promotion starts on May 26, 2023 and ends on October 13, 2023. Reviews must be submitted during this period to be eligible.

How to Enter: To participate, clients must leave a review on our Google Business page and send a screenshot or other proof of their review to our client specialist via email at

Prize: Clients will be given two tickets to an upcoming Edmonton Elks game, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The selection of these clients is at the sole discretion of the River City Events client specialist.

One Entry Per Client: Each client is eligible to receive tickets only once during the promotion period, regardless of the number of transactions completed or reviews submitted.

Ticket Distribution: Tickets will be sent to the winners via an email directing users to accept the tickets using their online Ticketmaster account. River City Events is not responsible for any delay or failure in the delivery of the tickets.

No Cash Alternative: The tickets cannot be exchanged for cash, and the prize is non-transferable. Tickets are subject to availability and we reserve the right to substitute the prize with another of equivalent value without giving notice.

Review Authenticity: We ask for honest feedback in the reviews. Any review suspected to be false or misleading may be disqualified at our sole discretion.

Privacy: By participating in this promotion, clients agree to our privacy policy. We will not share or sell participants’ personal information with third parties.

Right to Cancel or Modify Promotion: River City Events reserves the right to cancel or modify the promotion if fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond our reasonable control impairs the integrity of the promotion as determined by River City Events in its sole discretion.

Commercial Popcorn Machine Instructions

Hello there popcorn aficionados of Edmonton, Alberta!

I bet you’re here because you’re seeking simple-to-follow commercial popcorn machine instructions. Well, you’re in luck!

River City Events offers four different types of popcorn machines:

While there may be slight differences between these popcorn machines, the overall principles of popcorn making remain the same!

Also, let’s talk about responsibility for a moment. Operating popcorn equipment requires a touch of maturity and safety consciousness. Therefore, this equipment is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Ready to pop? Here’s what we’ll be covering in this article:

  • Powering Up Your Popcorn Machine
  • Choosing the Right Popcorn for Your Machine
  • Popping Popcorn
  • Serving Popcorn
  • Cleaning the Popcorn Machine

Powering Up Your Popcorn Machine

Keep in mind that the machine requires a standard 110-volt outlet and always avoid using an extension cord or generator.

This isn’t just a safety guideline; it’s a popcorn law!

Now, we’re ready to get started. At the top of the machine, you will notice three switches that control the heat lamp, agitator, and kettle heat.

Go ahead and flip on the heat lamp. This keeps your popcorn fresh, crisp, and puts it on display.

Next, activate the agitator switch. The agitator is a rotating instrument inside the kettle, and flipping this switch will set it in motion.

Finally, turn on the kettle heat to ignite the pilot light.

Powering Up Your Popcorn Machine

Now, onto the real star of the show – the popcorn itself!

It’s essential to choose an all-in-one popcorn solution for your popcorn maker. But why limit yourself to this? Because not all popcorns are created equal!

Different types of popcorn and various oils react differently to heat, which can result in anything from burning to uneven popping. If you decide to supply your own popcorn, remember that the result might not be ideal. If you experience any issues such as burnt popcorn or smoking oil, turn off the machine immediately, clean out all parts, and then reach out to us for assistance.

For a consistent and successful popping session, we recommend the 8-ounce all-in-one popcorn package from River City Events. You can either purchase these packages in a bundle of 10, or an entire case of 36 packages.

Each package of all-in-one popcorn is guaranteed to work seamlessly with your machine and pack approximately 5 concession bags. One case of popcorn can even yield a staggering 200 servings. Now, that’s a lot of delicious popcorn!

Popping Popcorn

Now open your first popcorn bag and pour the kernels and oil into the kettle and lower the lid.

As the magic happens, listen out for the popping to stop. This will take about 5 minutes for your first batch, and about 3 to 4 minutes for subsequent batches.

Once the popping stopes, immediately dump the popcorn into the cabinet using the handle mechanism.

If you’re going for a second round, simply empty out another bag into the kettle, close the lid, and repeat the process. If you are taking a break in between batches, remember to turn of the kettle heat and agitator while there is no popcorn in the kettle.

For the last batch, remember to turn the kettle heat off midway to prevent smoke.

Serving Popcorn

Be gentle while scooping fresh popcorn into the bags and prop full bags against the side of the cabinet to keep them warm.

Remember, the presentation is key here! And don’t forget, a clean glass is a must to keep that popcorn looking irresistible!

Cleaning the Popcorn Machine

Remember the famous saying: Cleanliness is next to popcorn-ness!

Make sure you remove all unused popcorn from the cabinet and kettle. Wipe down inside and out with a vinegar and water solution, but never immerse the kettle in water. A simple wipe with a soft cloth while still warm is enough for the kettle.

Finally, empty and wipe out the kernels from the bottom tray of the machine.

Also, let’s talk about responsibility for a moment. Operating popcorn equipment requires a touch of maturity and safety consciousness. Therefore, this equipment is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Contact Us

While these instructions make operating the popcorn machine seem like a breeze, we understand if you encounter some unexpected hiccups.

If that happens, don’t panic!

You can always reach out to us at (780) 424-6001. Any reckless handling or operation of the popcorn machine can lead to potential injury. The team at River City Events isn’t liable for any injuries due to mishandling, but we’re always here to guide you through the process!

Lastly, if you enjoyed your popcorn popping experience (and we’re confident you will), do remember to clean the machine before returning it. A $50.00 cleaning fee is applicable for each unit returned unclean. Cleaning your popcorn machine not only helps you avoid the fee, but it also ensures the next popcorn enthusiast can enjoy their experience too!

There you have it, the ultimate guide to commercial popcorn machine instructions. Remember, the best popcorn comes from following these instructions closely, using quality popcorn, and of course, adding a sprinkle of love and patience.

Happy popping!

Choosing the Perfect Sized Tablecloth for Your Table

As Edmonton’s party planning experts, we understand that events require attention to detail, and selecting the right sized linens can make all the difference.

At River City Events, we know the importance of choosing the perfect setup, and offer a diverse selection of tables and linens rentals to suit any occasion. We carry over 2 dozen types of tables, and 10 different sizes of linens.

This blog article will focus on our 5 most popular linens sizes and how they combine with our primary table sizes: 6ft and 8ft rectangle tables, as well as 5ft and 6ft round tables.

Tablecloths for 6 Foot Rectangular Tables

Our 6ft rectangle tables are a versatile option for intimate dinners, cocktail parties, buffet and display tables. These tables can sit 6-8 guests comfortably, and we offer a variety of linens to match.

For a polished appearance, the 90”x132” linen offers complete coverage. Additionally, we have other options available such as the 60”x120”, 90”x156”, and 120” round linens that cater to your event’s distinctive style and budget.

When considering outdoor events or buffet tables, opt for the 60”x120” linens as they do not touch the ground. The linen drapes approximately halfway down the front and back of the table with a few inches of overhang on each end.

Our 90”x156” linen provides full coverage in the font and back of the table. However, there is quite a large amount of fabric draping on either end.

This can easily be fixed by tucking the extra fabric under the table. Clients normally book this size of linen in our variety of overlays for wedding party tables.

The 120” RND linens prove useful for wedding party and sweetheart tables, with a slight overhang at the front and back that can be tucked. A few inches of linen hangs above the ground on either end of the table.

Tablecloths for 8ft Rectangle Tables

For larger events that require more seating, our 8ft rectangle tables are a popular choice. These tables can seat up to 10 guests, but we recommend only seating 8 for optimal comfort. This is the most commonly used rectangle table amongst banquet halls and venues, so we have an extensive collection of linens for this table size.

Our 90”x156” linen offers full coverage with minimal overhang, creating a clean and sophisticated look. However, our 90”x132” and 132” round linens may also be used on this table size.

The 90”x132” linen delivers complete coverage in both the front and back of the table, but only extends halfway down the ends of the table.

A significant amount of overhang in the front and back of the table is present when draping the 132” RND linen over a 8 ft table; however, it can be tucked away. The linen extends approximately ¾ of the way down the ends of the table.

Tablecloths for 5ft Round Tables

Venues commonly choose our 5ft RND tables that can comfortably seat 8 guests, and a 120” RND linen is the perfect fit for this table. Our vast collection of 120” RND linens ensures you will find the perfect fit to complement your event’s style. It’s worth noting that using a larger size may make it challenging to maintain a fold under the table.

Tablecloths for 6ft Round Tables

A 6ft RND is less popular; however, it can fit the greatest number of guests (10) comfortably. If this is something you are looking for, our 132” RND linen will fit this table the best.

Conversely, we hold a limited number of linens in this size. If you are unable to find something that works for your event, we recommend using a 120” RND linen. It leaves a couple inches of space above the ground surrounding the perimeter of the table.

Contact Us

It’s worth noting that while finding a linen that perfectly fits a table is ideal, there is no wrong way to drape a table. We are always happy to work with our clients to find the perfect tables and linens to suit their needs.

At River City Events, we are committed to providing high-quality tables and linens to make your event a success.

Contact us at 780-424-6001 between 9 am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, or 10 am to 4pm on Saturdays, or leave us a message.

Ugolini Slush Machine Instructions

Are you hosting an event in Edmonton, Alberta and looking for a way to impress your guests with a refreshing treat?

The Ugolini Slush Machine is an excellent addition to any event, offering a variety of flavors that can cater to all taste preferences.

However, before diving into the slushy goodness, it’s important to ensure that you follow the proper setup and operating procedures. In this article, we’ll go through the Ugolini Slush Machine Instructions to help you achieve optimal results and avoid any mishaps. Here’s our roadmap:

  • Setup Considerations
  • Preparing Slush Mix
  • Preventing Leaks & Spills
  • Adding Slush Mix
  • Turning On the Machine
  • Best Practices for Serving
  • Cleaning the Machine

Setup Considerations

The Ugolini Slush Machine weighs up to 180 lbs, so ensure that you place it on a stable surface or use the cart that it comes with to prevent accidents.

It’s also crucial to have a grounded wall outlet nearby, or use a three-prong extension cord if needed. Keep in mind that the cord must be rated for outdoor use and be the correct gauge for the length of the cord.

Preparing Slush Mix

It’s best to prepare and refrigerate the slush mix before the event to save time and ensure the machine works efficiently. At River City Events in Edmonton, we offer a range of flavors, including:

To prepare the mix, mix one jug with four parts water and refrigerate it. A chilled mix will take only 30 minutes to turn into slush, while a non-chilled liquid can take up to 1.5 hours.

Preventing Leaks & Spills

Transporting the machine can cause the hoppers to come loose, leading to leaks and spills if you don’t put them back into place.

To prevent this, simply press down on the hoppers so that the clip, pictured below, clicks into place. The hoppers should now beleveled and fixed. The clip, pictured

Also, remove the two drip trays from the hopper and slide their prongs underneath the front of the machine. The drip trays should be lined up with the edge of the machine.

Adding Slush Mix

Next, add the slush mix to each hopper of the machine, making sure that it covers the auger but doesn’t go above the ‘MAX’ line indicated on the outside.

If adding alcohol to the mix, do so after dispensing the slush. Finally, reattach the hopper lids after pouring in the mix.

Turning On the Machine

To turn on the machine, locate the operations switches beneath the plastic flaps on the front of the machine.

The refrigeration control switch toggles between a liquid drink (‘I’ option) and slush (‘II’ option). Turn on the main power switch and switch the refrigeration control switch to ‘II.’ The machine will hum as the augers start spinning.

(Please note there is no need to touch the thermostat control knob, as it’s already set to the correct temperature).

Now there’s nothing left to do but wait for the mix to turn to slush!

Best Practices for Serving

To keep the machine performing optimally, keep it indoors away from direct sunlight and any other objects that may interfere with it.

Also, ensure that the machine is still on ‘II’ switch mode even when dispensing the slush, or it may revert to a more liquid form.

Finally, make sure you have pre-chilled mix on hand so you can add it as you serve.

Cleaning the Machine

Once everyone has had their fill, toggle the refrigeration control switch from ‘II’ to “I,’ allowing the ice to melt and making it easier to dispense.

To avoid a $50 cleaning fee, ensure that all product has been emptied from the hoppers. To do this, add warm (not hot) water to the hoppers and let them run for another minute.

Once the hoppers are empty, wipe down the outside of the machine with mild soap and water, and empty the drip trays before putting them back into the hopper for transport

Contact Us

With these Ugolini Slush Machine Instructions, you’re ready to create a refreshing and delicious treat for your guests.

Whether it’s a backyard party, corporate event, or wedding celebration in Edmonton, Alberta, the Ugolini Slush Machine is sure to impress.

However, if you’re still experiencing issues with the machine, don’t hesitate to reach out to River City Events at 780-424-6001 between 9 am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, or 10 am to 4pm on Saturdays, or leave us a message.

If the message is urgent, you may reach out to the same number after hours. We’re always here to help ensure your event is a success.

How to Setup a Projector Screen with a Tripod

Are you looking to set up a projector screen in Edmonton, Alberta but not sure where to start?

We’re here to help! In this post, I’ll take you through the easy steps to set up a projector screen with a tripod. Here’s the overview of the steps we’ll be going over:

  • Extending the Tripod Legs
  • How to Open a Projector Screen
  • Adjusting the Aspect Ratio
  • Packing Up

Extending the Tripod Legs

The first step to setting up your projector screen is to extend the tripod legs!

Locate the red button near the legs of the tripod. Gently lift the tripod as you push down on the button.

Make sure the legs are completely extended before moving onto the next step.

How to Open a Projector Screen

Now that the tripod legs are extended, it’s time to open the projector screen.

Start by rotating the screen until it is horizontal.

Grab the handle at the top of the screen and pull it upwards until you can clip it to the top of the post.

To enlarge the screen, push the red button on the post and raise it to your desired screen size.

As you raise the screen, you will notice there are a few different stops at different heights where the button will click into, meaning the screen will rest safely at this height.

Adjusting the Aspect Ratio

Adjusting the aspect ratio of the projector screen is simple. Grip the handle at the bottom of the screen and push in the button that is attached to it. As you hold the button, simply raise the screen to whatever height you desire.

Your projector screen is now ready for action!

Packing Up

Once you’re done using the projector screen, it’s important to know how to pack it up safely.

To put the screen down, start by ensuring the handle at the bottom of the screen we used to adjust the aspect ratio is lowered into its bottom position.

Next, hang onto the top of the post while pushing the red button on the post to lower the screen. It is important to hold onto the top of the post, or the screen could come crashing down as the pressure releases.

Then, unhook the screen from the top of the post and lower it into its case. Rotate the screen clockwise into its vertical position.

Lastly, pull up on the red button on the tripod legs to collapse them. You’re now ready to put the screen away.

Contact Us

Setting up a projector screen with a tripod is easy when you follow these simple steps. Whether you’re presenting at a business meeting or hosting a movie night at home, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve got this.

Still have a question about the tripod?

No prob!

Call us at 780-424-6001 between 9 am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, or 10 am to 4pm on Saturdays, or leave us a message. If the message is urgent, you may reach out to the same number after hours.

How to Connect Microphone to Speaker Directly (db Technologies Opera 12)

Are you an event organizer in Edmonton, Alberta looking to connect a microphone directly to your Opera 12 speaker?

Look no further! In this post, we’ll show you exactly how to do it step-by-step. Here’s the overview:

  • Speaker Package Overview
  • Speaker Tripod Setup
  • Mounting the Speaker
  • Powering the Speaker
  • Connecting the Mic
  • Turning the Speaker On
  • Mic On/Off Switch

Speaker Package Overview

Your speaker package comes with a number of elements:

  • Opera 12 Series Speaker
  • Tripod Stand
  • 1 microphone
  • XLR Cable
  • Power Supply Cable

Speaker Tripod Setup

First, loosen the bottom knob of the tripod.

speaker tripod bottom knob

And then push down on the mount above the legs to extend them:

opening speaker tripod

Avoid extending the legs too far—just enough so that the tripod has a broad, firm stance.

Then, to raise the tripod mast, begin by loosening the top knob.

speaker tripod top knob

Next, pull up the tripod mast to your desired height:

raising mast of speaker tripod

And then Insert the mast pin, making sure it goes in the desired hole in the mast and out the other side.

speaker tripod pin

Lastly, push down on the pole so that the pin rests on the mast collar. This pin does all the work in holding the speaker firmly on the tripod, even if the bottom knob is a bit loose.

Mounting the Speaker

To put the speaker on the tripod, find the hole on the bottom of the speaker.

hole at bottom of opera 12 speaker for tripod

Lift the speaker up and line the hole to the tripod mast.

mounting opera 12 speaker onto tripod

The speaker simply sits there.

Powering the Speaker

Connect the speaker’s power supply by plugging it into any standard 110 volt plug.

Hot tip: One circuit can support up to 4 speakers.

Connecting the Mic

Plug in the audio source (in this case, an XLR cable with a microphone on the other end) to channel 1 on the speaker. Rotate the XLR connector until it pops into the speaker.

Make sure that channel 1’s switch is set to “Mic” (as in microphone) and not “Line.”

Then, plug in the microphone to the other end of the XLR cable.

Turning the Speaker On

Before turning the speaker on, confirm that Channel 1’s volume is set to 0 to avoid any accidental feedback.

Turn the speaker on (a flashing LED indicator will indicate the speaker has power). Slowly increase channel 1’s volume. If you hear any feedback as you increase the speaker’s volume, that means you need to decrease the volume a little bit.

Mic On/Off Switch

Some microphones have an ON/OFF switch on them. If you don’t have any sound after plugging the microphone in and turning the speaker on, it may be because you have not set this switch to ON.

Contact Us

With any luck, your audio should be coming out of the speaker with beautiful fidelity.

Is something still not working?

We’d love to help!

Call us at 780-424-6001 between 9 am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, or 10 am to 4pm on Saturdays, or leave us a message. If the message is urgent, you may reach out to the same number after hours.

How to Setup Projector with Laptop (BenQ MH535FHD)

Sometimes, the trickiest part of a presentation isn’t the delivery, but rather the struggle to get the projector technology working properly.

No problem, we’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll detail how to connect our projector rentals (in this case, a BenQ MH535FHD projector) with a laptop or other HDMI-based video source.

Here’s an overview of what will be discussed:

  • Setup overview
  • Connecting the power cord & HDMI
  • Turning on the projector
  • Adjusting zoom & focus
  • Adjusting height & levelness
  • The projector menu
  • Selecting your video source
  • The projector speaker
  • The projector remote
  • Turning the projector off

Setup Overview

When you get a projector rental from River City Events, it comes with six elements:

  • Silver carrying case
  • Instruction guide
  • Projector
  • Power cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Projector remote

Connecting the Power Cable & HDMI

After you’ve unpacked your projector from the case it comes in, there are two cables you’re going to need to connect.

The first one is the power cable, which is the same typical power cable used in most computer devices. Plug this cable into the large port on the back of the projector.

The second HDMI cable is for connecting the projector to the video source, which is typically the laptop or computer you wish to display via the projector.

There are two HDMI inputs on the projector you can plug this cord in. For simplicity’s sake, we recommend plugging in the HDMI cord to the ‘HDMI 1’ slot.

The next step is to take plug the other end of the HDMI cord into the video source—in this case, a laptop. It is important to note that whatever video source you are using has an HDMI port, as you can see in the photo below:

Plug the HDMI cord into this slot, and you’re good to go!

Turning On the Projector

To turn the projector on, click the on/off button on top of the device.

Shortly, you’ll hear the fan kick on, which will continue as the projector bulb comes up to temperature for brightness.

This process may take a few minutes, so don’t panic if nothing appears on your projector screen immediately.

Adjusting Zoom & Focus

After the projector gets up to the right brightness, you can now adjust both the size and sharpness of the projector’s image using the two wheels above the the bulb:

First, you’ll want to use the ‘ZOOM’ wheel to set the size of your picture:

Once you’ve got the size of the picture to where you want it, experiment with the ‘FOCUS’ wheel so that the image is sufficiently sharp:

Adjusting Height & Levelness

You’ll want to make sure your projector is at the right height and is level.

At the front of the projector, you’ll notice a small, screw-like foot.

This foot can be lengthened by loosening it or shortened by tightening it, allowing you to adjust the height of the picture:

At the side of the projector is another adjustable foot:

However, this foot controls the levelness of the projector’s image. By lengthening or loosening this foot, you can find the correct tilt to fit your projector screen:

The Projector Menu

On the top of the projector, you’ll notice several buttons. The most common button you will be dealing with is likely the ‘menu ‘MENU’ button:

Pressing this button will reveal an on-screen menu with a number of options for display, settings, systems, and information.

The default settings are likely going to be perfect for your application; however, the options are there if you so desire.

To exit the menu, simply click the ‘MENU’ button again and it will go away.

Selecting Your Video Source

The other button you may have to use is the ‘SOURCE’ button.

Now, if you only have one video source connected (which you will if you followed the steps above and plugged the HDMI cord into the HDMI 1 input), your projector will select the correct video source by default.

Should you have multiple inputs plugged into the source (say you are using HDMI 1 and HDMI 2), you may wish to switch between which input the projector is displaying on-screen.

There are also VGA, S-Video, and video sources that the projector is capable of displaying; however, these inputs are pretty much obsolete nowadays. HDMI is the easiest and best choice.

To switch your input, press the ‘SOURCE’ button to reveal another on-screen menu:

Select whatever input you need using the up and down arrow keys on top of the projector, and then click the ‘OK’ button to finalize your choice. The projector will then start displaying whichever input you have selected.

Projector Speaker

The projector has the capability to playback audio to a very small audience—maybe six to eight people at most. The audio can come into the projector via the HDMI cable (along with the video).

You can use the right and left arrow keys on top of the projector to control and manipulate the volume:

Projector Remote

For your convenience, a remote comes with the projector:

It has a wealth of different features, such as:

  • ‘ON’ button
  • ‘OFF’ button
  • Video source buttons
  • Cursor controls
  • Volume controls
  • Freeze button (allowing you to freeze a frame and turn off the projector)

As well as a number of other convenience features.

Turning the Projector Off

After you’re done with the projector for the day, we ask that you turn it off before you unplug it.

You can either turn it off using the ‘OFF’ button on the remote on the projector.

You have to push the button twice—once to bring up a on-screen prompt asking if you want to turn off the projector, and a second time to confirm your choice.

You will notice that the projector fan continues to run, cooling the bulb. Please do not move the projector until the fan has turned off, as this cooling process continues to ensure no damage occurs as a result of touching, overheated components.

Contact Us

We hope this article has helped make your presentation crystal clear!

Have questions?

We’d to love to help!

Call us at 780-424-6001 between 9 am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, or 10 am to 4pm on Saturdays, or leave us a message. If the message is urgent, you may reach out to the same number after hours.

Paragon Dog Hut Hot Dog Steamer Instructions

Looking to cook a whole bunch of hot dogs all at once?

Holding up to 200 hot dogs and 42 buns, the 8020 Paragon Dog Hut Hot Dog Steamer is a great feature for any event.

The best part?

These hot dog steamers are incredibly easy to use! Here’s how it’s done:

Hot Dog Machine Overview

Before we get started, we’ll draw your attention to a few of the machine’s features:

Starting from the left of the machine’s interface, you will notice a small “Low Water Indication Light.” This small LED will illuminate if the machine detects that the water used for steaming is too low and needs replenishing (up to 3 liters of water).

To the right of this light is the power switch, heat control, and, on the right-facing side of the machine is the water valve, which is used to drain the water tray.

Lastly, please note that there may be condensation, drops of water, and pooling around the Dog Hut and the service on which it is placed, so please use caution where you choose to cook the dogs!

Filling the Water Tray

To fill the water tray, you will first need to remove the hot dog hut doors and dividers.

With the water tray unobstructed by these components, you may then fill it with up to 7 liters of water.

Hot tip: Use warm, distilled water. The warmth will help cook the hot dogs faster, while the distilled water can ensure cleanliness.

Turning the Machine On

Now, plug in the machine and flip the power switch to it’s “On” position. Then, you’re going to turn the heat control to the “HIGH” position.

At this point, you may insert the dividers and the hot dog hut doors.

After a few minutes, the machine should start producing steam.

Steaming Your Hot Dogs

Now, the event we’ve all been waiting for: Cooking the hot dogs!

Add two layers of hotdogs into each compartment—one in the front, and one in the back.

You can place up to 45 hot dogs to start, but more can be added in when the unit is fully heated.

Just make sure to arrange the hot dogs loosely to allow the steam to circulate freely between each of them.

All meats should have an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 C) before serving. From a cold start, this should take about 30 to 45 minutes.

If you’re cooking multiple batches of hot dogs, the water may get greasy and may need to get changed frequently. To replenish your water:

  • Turn the water valve to drain greasy water.
  • Add more water into the water tray as needed.

Once all the hot dogs have reached a serving temperature, turn the thermostat down to between 160 to 10 degrees F (71-77 C) to keep them warm.

Hot tip: Use the divider to separate hot dogs and other kinds of meats (smokies, bratwursts, sausages) into their own compartments.

Steaming the Buns

To steam your buns, simply place them in the top bun compartment as needed.

You will only want to leave the buns in there for a minute or so. Otherwise, they might get soggy or overcooked.

When removing the hot dogs and the buns, you should use tongs as the contents will be hot!

Cleaning the Machine

The machine should be clean upon returning it to us. The first thing you need to do is to turn the machine off and unplug it to avoid any electrical shock.

One last time, empty the water pan entirely using the water valve.

Then, carefully remove the bun trays, hot dog trays, and dividers. Wash all these components, the two rails that support the bun trays, and hood as necessary with mild soap and water.

The stainless steel body of the steamer is easy to keep clean. Usually a damp cloth will remove all dirt and grease spots. Just keep in mind abrasives must not be used on the stainless steel body or vinyl labels. A gentle cleaning with soap and water will work just fine!

Lastly, clean the base of the unit with a damp cloth and dry. Use care to avoid damaging the float switch.

And that’s it!

It goes without saying, but do not use the unit if it is damaged or has a broken cord. Additionally, don’t allow the machine to fall in a water container or any foreign objects to enter the ventilation or exhaust opening, as these circumstances. may cause safety hazards.

Contact Us

We hope this article has helped fill your belly with hot dogs.

Have questions? Is something not clear?

We’d to love to chat!

Call us at 780-424-6001 between 9 am to 5pm on Monday to Friday, or 10 am to 4pm on Saturdays, or leave us a message. If the message is urgent, you may reach out to the same number after hours.

How To Use a Commercial Gas Grill

Wondering how to turn on one of our gas grills? Are you burners barely working or not at all?

Whether you are using one our 3’X2′ barbecues, 4’X’2′ barbecues, or 6’X2′ barbecues, this guide will have you cooking with fire in no time!

BBQ Accessories

When you receive your grill from us, it will come shrink-wrapped and ready to go with a barbecue lighter and wire brush for cleaning.

You will also notice a “Ready to Rent” tag, which indicates that the BBQ has been tested prior to your rental and is in working order.

Our barbecues require a 20lb propane tank—other sizes will not work. If you rented a propane tank from us, it will also have a “Ready to Rent” tag to indicate the unit is full.

Lastly, you should always ensure you have a fire extinguisher on hand before cooking. If you don’t, you can always rent a fire extinguisher from us as well!

Burner Valves

After removing the shrink wrap from your BBQ, you will notice that your burner valves are either one of two styles:

BBQ Style 1: Vertical / Horizontal Valves

With this style of BBQ:

  • Horizontal valve = closed / no heat
  • Vertical valve = open / max heat

Anywhere in between horizontal and vertical means that the valve is partially open, allowing you to adjust the level of heat.

BBQ Style 2: Inward / Outward Valves

With this style of BBQ:

  • Inward valve = closed / no heat
  • Outward valve = open / max heat

Again, anywhere in between inward and outward means that the valve is partially open, allowing you to adjust the level of heat.

Inspecting Your BBQ

Before ignition, it is essential to:

  • Make sure grates are fitted nicely on top and aren’t sliding around
  • Turn burner valves all the way into their closed positions
  • Ensure drip trays are in place


Remember, if you choose to transport your barbecue yourself, it must always be in an upright position. Never tip the barbecue on its side.

Additionally, you must secure or wrap the BBQ components so nothing bounces around and causes any damage.

Connecting Propane

To start, unwrap the propane hose hanging from the metal bar attached to the side of the barbecue. Then, connect the hose to the 20lb propane tank by pressing the fitting into place and tightening the plastic knob until it will no longer turn.

Igniting the BBQ

It is important to note this is not your home barbecue!

As a high-output commercial unit, our BBQs may work slightly different than your are used to, especially when igniting it for the first time. If you’re having issues getting your barbecue working, this point of the process is typically where it goes wrong.

Once again ensure all your valves are in closed position. Your propane may not flow or will flow at a greatly reduced rate if the valves are partially open when you turn your BBQ on.

To ignite the BBQ:

  • Twist open the propane tank as slowly as possible until the valve can no longer turn. Note that twisting the valve too fast may trigger a safety feature that prevents or reduces propane flow.
  • Ignite your BBQ lighter and poke it towards the burner tube past the grate and rocks.

  • While holding the lit lighter against the burner tube, open the burner’s valve to the fully open position
  • You should notice that your burner ignites; however, it may not do so immediately. The propane hose is full of air, and it may take a moment to replace that oxygen with propane.
  • Each section of your grill will have two burners. After you’ve lit the first burner, you can easily turn the second burner on by moving it’s valve into the fully open position.

Repeat this process on each section of your grill.

Now you’re ready to cook!

Turning Off & Cleaning BBQ

Once you’re all done cooking, move all your burner valves into the completely closed position and turn off your propane tank until it is firmly seated in the off position.

While your grill is still warm, it is a good idea to give the grates a clean with the wire brush. It’s much easier to clean the grates while the grill is still warm and can be more difficult if allowed to cool.

After the grill has cooled down, pull the drip trays out, dispose of waste that has accumulated on the tray, and then push them back fully into their receptacle.

Lastly, unhook the hose from propane tank by unfastening the plastic knob. Then, hang the hose from the metal bar extending from the side of the grill.

Your BBQ is now ready for our team to come and pick it up.


If you’ve followed the steps above meticulously, your BBQ should have run flawlessly.

However, if you notice your burners aren’t turning on or are barely working. This issue may occur if the propane isn’t flowing properly from your propane tank to your BBQ. If that happens, trying following the steps below:

Loose Coupling of Tank & Hose

Make sure that your hose fitting is coupled tightly onto the propane tank. The coupling shouldn’t just be snug—the plastic knob should be threaded on until it can no longer be tightened and stops completely.

If the fitting is not all the way on the tank, propane won’t flow into the hose.

To solve this issue, turn off the valve on the tank and tighten the coupling until it stops turning (as tight as you can without using tools).

Lastly, make sure all the burner valves are closed on the BBQ, then slowly open the propane tank. Your BBQ should be ready to go!

Turning on the Propane Tank Too Quickly

As we noted above, if you turn on the propane tank too quickly, it can activate the device in the hose designed to protect the user in the event of a broken hose. You may hear a “click” as the check valve engages.

If that happens, close the tank completely, wait about 30 seconds, and then twist the propane valve open as slowly as you possibly can.

Burner Valves Partially Open Before Ignition

If any of the burner valves are even partly open as you ignite your BBQ, it can activate the hose safety feature and prevent or reduce propane flow. You might get some flame when you ignite your BBQ, but probably not very much.

To solve this issue, close your propane tank completely, move all your burner valves into the completely closed position, and then turn on the propane tank as slowly as you possibly can.

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