keenadmin, Author at River City Events

How To Make A Curtain Backdrop For Weddings & Parties

Today we are going to be showing you guys how to build a double wall backdrop for all you independent, DIY kings and queens out there.

Curtain Wall Materials

First, you need to make sure you are ordering the proper equipment. Today, we will be building a wall that is 10ft or less, or a singledouble wall. For one of these backdrops, you will need:

  • 12 adjustable uprights
  • 2 base plates
  • 2 rubber base weights (the larger your wall is, the more weights you will need.)
  • 2 adjustable sliders
  • And 2 crossbar hangers
  • Our client care team will help you decide how many panels of fabric you need, but generally, you use 1 panel per foot. You can use any of the fabric we have (If you’re nervous, come play around in our showroom from 9-5)

Step 1

Use your adjustable slider to measure how long you want your curtain backdrop to be. We are going to be making our backdrop 10ft today.

Step 2

Put your base plates and weights on either end of the slider and attach your adjustable upright. We always recommend that you use weights on a double wall because of all the extra weight from the fabric. You do not want your backdrop to fall forward.

Step 3

There are 4 slots at the top of the upright. You are going to want to put the cross bar in the front slot and your slider is eventually going to go in the inside, side slot.

Make sure the cross bar is secure before you hang anything from it.

Step 4

Next, add the fabric that you want to be in the back to a slider. Put the slider into the inside slots. Fluff the fabric out so it is even across the slider. You can cuff your fabric over the upright to hide it or use one of our sleeves. 

Step 5

Then, add your second fabric that you want to be on the front to your other slider. Attach this slider to your cross bar. Fluff out the fabric again and cuff the crossbar with your fabric.

TIP: Before you raise your uprights, find the middle of your fabric, which is where you will part it at the end. If you have 10 panels of fabric, make sure you have 5 panels on either side.

Step 6

Carefully raise your uprights to your desired height. If you are alone, alternate between uprights, you don’t want to raise one upright much higher than the other because the slider could fall out or your backdrop could fall over.

Step 7

Drape your front fabric off with a zip tie to your upright. Do the same to the other side. You can hide the zip tie by fluffing out the fabric. Or cover with a chair-tie or piece of ribbon.

Last but not least. It’s really become a trend here, fluff that fabric, to hide the base plates and weights.

There you have it, this is how River City Events builds a double wall backdrop.